Terms And Conditions


INF-TEC LTD was established in 2019 to provide IT Services to any business looking to adapt technology into their operations.

Quality assurance is equally important as the IT services we provide. As we boast and set out to be a globally leading IT solutions provider with the ultimate customer experience as a second nature.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement throughout INF-TEC. An example of that, is our established Quality Management System that provides a framework for assessing and improving our performance as a business. It is absolutely essential, that all INF-TEC employees, partners, subcontractors and even suppliers. Maintain a standard which is in compliance with ISO 9001 the International Quality and Assurance Standard throughout all levels of the service delivery.

The following systems and procedures in place assist executing our delivery of service, customer satisfaction and continues improvement throughout INF-TEC:

 – Mandatory audits of internal processes

 – Consistent gathering and monitoring of customer feedback with our customer feedback procedure

 – Selection and routine monitoring throughout all service-lines of the business, in addition to training and development of all employees

 – Clear objectives which reflect INF-TEC’S business aims

All Internal processes are quarterly reviewed by the directors and management. The results are then presented to the business. This policy and the quality management system are reviewed annually.