Infrastructure Services

INF-TECs Infrastructure services will allow you to concentrate on running your business while we ensure that your infrastructure is managed, optimised, and benefits your daily operations. Whether its optimising your servers for specific applications or its tweaking your network to ensure its running at a required speed.

Network Design

Our experts can guide you every step of the way. Designing, maintaining, and expanding your new or existing network to match your business requirements.

Network Security

With cyber attacks constantly on the rise its absolutely essential to secure your network. Best practice implementation and processes orientated procedures is crucial.

Wireless Networking

Implementing fully wireless networks running higher speeds than cable. Benefitting from an agile working environment. Get started today.

Cloud Networking

INF-TEC can implement scaleable, cost effective, and secure networks. High availability and redundancy throughout.

Work From Anywhere

With some workloads onsite and others in the cloud, (as well as a growing remote working/WFH culture) IT has never had to work harder. We can help your business implement cloud solutions into your infrastructure to help save costs and get the most from the latest and greatest technology available.

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