Office Relocation

What An Average Move Looks Like

Pre-Move Audits

Regardless of the amount of desktops, each can be completed to an individual specification for the user. This is made possible as a result of the pre-move audits.


Integrating audits and requests. Communicating with various stakeholders to plan the relocation. Carry out checks, and assign appropriate resources based on audits.

Office Move

INF-TEC offer relocation services from day to day laptop and desktop moves, installs and changes through to large scale departmental IT infrastructure desktop moves.

Out Of Hours Work

A dedicated team will work out of hours to have complete flexibility around the move of your business. Ensuring the relocation has been completely delivered.

Post Support

Providing post office move support. Meaning INF-TEC will be at hand dealing with any teething issues (should they arise) following completion of the project.

Installs Moves And Changes


Another approach we take at INF-TEC that sets us apart throughout the IT industry is offering Installs Moves And Changes (IMAC) with free post office support. Moving offices or desks is a lengthy and daunting task that takes place in the corporate world. However, with INF-TEC, we have a streamlined process in place that makes moving headache free. Simply contact us and kick start our IMAC processes today.

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