E Waste

Asset Life Management

INF-TEC offer an end to end asset life cycle management service designed to improve the decommissioning and secure disposal of end of life equipment.  From sourcing your new equipment, to asset tagging, managing, and tracking all of your businesses assets from start to finish.

WEEE Compliant

We adhere to a wide selection of certified standards and are WEEE compliant. This ensures you comply with environmental and data protection laws, avoid exposure of sensitive data and assists your company in meeting your environmental goals.

Secure Data Destruction

INF-TEC securely wipe all data from all decommissioned IT equipment. We provide 100% onsite/offsite secure data destruction compliant with the latest government regulations and industry standards.

IT Recycling

INF-TEC recycles most types of IT equipment, including desktop PC’s, laptops, thin clients, printers, monitors, smartphones and tablets. We offer a secure collection service from your business resulting in reduction of waste to landfill.

How Can The Equipment Be Reused?

Thanks to advancements with recycling technology. It is now possible to find a use with nearly every bit of tech. Especially due to the amount of equipment produced. The world has never had to work harder to recycle and reuse the equipment.

A major recycling project we are extremely proud to be a part of is the recycling of batteries. Being technology specialists, we are fully aware of the world transitioning to electric vehicles. Therefore, given the amount of lithium ion batteries required to make this transition. INF-TEC are helping the world make that leap, by recycling as many metals as possible that make up lithium ion batteries.

How INF-TEC E-Waste Services Can Benefit Your Business?

  • a comprehensive service to dispose of end of life kit.
  • We securely wipe all data from decommissioned equipment.
  • finding a new life for the equipment Once Recycled
  • Fully Compliant With WEEE Standards

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