Cloud Services

Why Cloud Computing?

For new and existing companies you can minimise upfront costs by saving the expense of purchasing new or additional in house servers, server racks, cooling, licences. As well as, access from anywhere in the world and the ease of transitioning to cloud.

Can My Business Benefit From Cloud Computing?

Whether your current infrastructure is physical or already virtual your business can benefit from cloud computing. Small, medium or large corporations can take advantage of this technology if you are not already.

Cloud Service Providers

Whether you use Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, HP’s Cloud Services, or Google. You can benefit from high availability, cost saving and pricing options, faster network speeds, and the latest technology.

Get The Most from cloud computing

Cloud Cost Saving

A major benefit to cloud computing is cost saving. A cloud solution reduces your monthly spend and provides predictable costs. With no costly maintenance fees, you are able to invest your funds elsewhere in the business giving you even more flexibility. Cloud solutions also offer monthly or yearly plans as a pay as you go service no matter your current situation. Kick off your plan today with INF-TEC.

Cloud Security

Before cloud computing, the most robust security features were only available to the larger corporations with high budgets, or those willing to pay the price. However, that has all changed with cloud-managed solutions. Now SMB's can get access to the enterprise level standard of security for a fraction of the price with instant updates, and best practices you are always protected from today's cyber threats.

Invest In Cloud

The return on investment with cloud computing is exponential. If you are not saving money on electricity, engineers, or equipment. You are reaping the benefits by increasing productivity, scalability, availability. Whether its Infrastructure As A Service (Iaas), Platform As A Service (Paas) or Software as a service (Saas). We can guarantee you that your business can benefit from the cloud. Contact us today and let us prove to you that cloud computing is the way forward.

Advantages With Cloud

With centralized access to all of your data and applications, scalable solutions, and fully customisable enterprise solutions for small-large businesses ease of access has never been so simple. Boost your employee productivity, accountability, and network security by choosing a cloud option today. If you are not already getting the most from the cloud, contact us and we can get your IT heading in the right direction.

Agile Working Environments

Utilizing today's technology no one workforce/business should be bound to an office. Why not keep your employees happy, allow better agile working practices and adopt the new way of working. Cloud computing brings your employees closer than ever before to the data and applications used daily. No matter the device, the location, or the time you can increase collaboration and productivity today.

Scaling With Cloud

Growing your business alongside your IT infrastructure is not the easiest of tasks. As most businesses find out, you can take 5 steps forward and then 10 steps back due to your outdated or abandoned infrastructure. Using the latest cloud technology this is no longer an issue. Whether its storage, databases, software, servers or networks cloud offers flexible and scalable options that are always at the ready. This is why all businesses are turning to the cloud!

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Start your journey with Cloud computing today. If you are unsure how to get started or how your business can benefit from cloud computing, simply pick up the phone and speak to our friendly experienced teams.